MEET OUR Director of Housekeeping Services

Barbarba Hart- Housekeeping Supervisor

The Director of Housekeeping Services at Wellington House is Barbara Hart. She joined the family in 2013 and since has been a blessing to every resident who has passed through the doors.

Every single job at Wellington House is important and it is what truly makes the building feel like home to so many. Barbara takes her role seriously and believes that when you are surrounded by clean and beautiful spaces, you feel more like home.

“I believe that a clean home is a happy home,” Barbara said. Through her job, Barbara wants every resident to feel joy. “I strive every day to make sure my residents are happy,” Barbara said.

Outside of her job at Wellington House, Barbara enjoys her husband and family of three children and six grandchildren. With so many people to love, it’s no wonder that the residents of Wellington House feel like family with her. Barbara also enjoys watching her grandson play football for the South Point Raiders.

The wonderful staff members like Barbara are what makes Wellington House feel like family.

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